This week the Connecticut Department of Labor released posters in English and Spanish relating to the new pregnancy discrimination law that will take effect on October 1, 2017.  Please see our prior blog post about this new law. In addition to adding protections against pregnancy discrimination and requiring employers to provide reasonable accommodations to pregnant employees, the new law also requires that employers give notice to employees of their rights.  Notice must be given as follows:

  • New employees must be given notice at the time of their employment.
  • Currently employees must be given notice within 120 days of the effective date.
  • Pregnant employees must be given notice within 10 days of after notifying you of her pregnancy.

The new law states that employers can comply with these notice requirements by displaying a poster, in English and Spanish, in a conspicuous place that is accessible to employees and informs employees of their rights under the new law.

The English poster can be found here, and the Spanish poster can be found here.