The CHRO has announced a second extension of the deadline to provide sexual training for all employees, including supervisors and non-supervisors. In September, the CHRO initially announced that the original October 1, 2020 deadline would be extended to January 1, 2021 pursuant to Governor Ned Lamont’s extension of the declaration of public emergency and Executive Order 9A. Now, the training deadline has been similarly extended to February 9, 2021 pursuant to the same extension of the declaration of public emergency and recently issued Executive Order 9L. This is again a blanket extension and does not require a request.

Carmody Continues to Provide Sexual Harassment Prevention Training Options

In response to client demand, we continue to schedule sexual harassment training sessions via WebEx. Our next session is scheduled for December 4, 2020 from 8:30am to 10:30am for non-supervisory employees. If you would like to register employees for this session, please click here. In addition, we are able to offer clients an on-demand video option for their employees.

If you have any questions or would like more information about these various training options, please contact any member of our Labor and Employment Team below:

D. Charles Stohler
(203) 575-2626;

Giovanna Tiberii Weller
(203) 575-2651;

Domenico Zaino, Jr.
(203) 578-4270;

Alan H. Bowie
(203) 784-3117;

Stephanie E. Cummings
(203) 575-2649;

Maureen Danehy Cox
(203) 575-2642;

Pamela Elkow
(203) 252-2672;

Vincent Farisello
(203) 578-4284;

Sarah S. Healey
(203) 578-4225;

Lauren M. Hopwood
(203) 784-3104;

Timothy S. Klimpl
(203) 252-2683;

Howard K. Levine
(203) 784-3102;

Mark F. Williams
(203) 575-2618;

Sherwin M. Yoder
(203) 784-3107;

Ann H. Zucker
(203) 252-2652;