On Friday, November 20th, Carmody Torrance Sandak and Hennessey LLP was pleased to host a live discussion on Connecticut’s upcoming paid family and medical leave program with Andrea Barton Reeves, CEO of the Connecticut Paid Family and Medical Leave Insurance Authority.  As the Insurance Authority’s first CEO, Ms. Barton Reeves is responsible for establishing and administering the state’s new paid family and medical leave program, which is being implemented in stages between now and 2022, when paid family and medical leave becomes available to employees in Connecticut.

Approximately 200 registrants attended the webinar, during which Ms. Barton Reeves addressed important topics such as:

  • Covered and exempt employers;
  • Employee eligibility;
  • Mandatory payroll deductions beginning in 2021 to fund the program;
  • Private and self-funded plan options;
  • Employee job protection vs. eligibility for insurance benefits; and
  • Many novel questions about how the mechanics and enforcement of CT Paid FMLA will work.

As Connecticut moves toward the full rollout of Paid Family and Medical Leave for benefits beginning in 2022, there are several significant deadlines along the way, including registration by employers with the Insurance Authority before December 31, 2020 to remit employee payroll deductions beginning January 1, 2021.