On August 31, 2017, a Texas federal judge struck down the Obama administration’s controversial DOL Overtime Rule.  The judge concluded that the DOL “exceeded its authority and had gone too far with the final rule.”


In March 2014, then President Obama sent a memorandum directing the Secretary of Labor to “modernize” and “streamline” the

On August 17, 2017, the Connecticut Supreme Court unanimously held in Williams et. al. v General Nutrition Centers, Inc. that the federal fluctuating workweek (“FWW”) method for paying overtime cannot be used for retail employees.

Basic Facts and the Court’s Ruling

In Williams, the plaintiffs were managers at GNC stores who were paid a

The Connecticut Appellate Court recently held that an employee’s request for leave was not a reasonable accommodation where the employee requested an indefinite leave and did not respond to the employer’s request to contact her regarding her leave.  The case, Thompson v. Department of Social Services, provides helpful guidance to employers in managing medical leaves